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Muslims living in Beijing

Historically, Beijing was a lot of competition for the right to rule the stage minorities . During the past millennia , the alien came to Beijing , and some move back , some fusion , some disappeared, making some peoples names on history only cease to exist . But as far from the Muslims is an exception , so far, not only to move back , to be fused , was disappeared, but in Beijing, form the largest ethnic minority .

Muslims are the largest minority population in Beijing , according to historical records , there are many Muslims to enter Beijing Yuan lived and built the mosque . According to the 2010 census the sixth , Beijing existing Muslim population 249,223 people , mainly in urban areas near Niujie , godson alley , the flower market , a long camp, Madian , housework and other places in the city and far Daxing , Changping, Shunyi , Miyun and other counties .

In Beijing , Muslim life is relatively convenient. Beijing ‘s famous Mosque Niujie Mosque , East Fourth Mosque, Madian Mosque, Haidian Mosque . Beijing halal restaurants more, such as : Donglaishun , Hongbin Lou , white Kui old number , Yan Lan House , West MCA , barbecue season , barbecue Wan , Ningxia Building , Xinjiang BJO Western Islamic Fanzhuang so on.

Beijing Niujie north-south direction , is located south of Guang An Men Nei Avenue , north of West Southern Cross , Bai Guang Road, east , west brick alley west , is Beijing ‘s largest Muslim ghettos. Niujie brings together the Muslim diet, clothing, tourism, commerce , and many other national characteristics of Islamic culture elements. China Islamic Association, the China Islamic Institute are located in Niujie


4 Days Beijing Muslim Tour Package

Beijing 4 Days Muslim Package Tour Itinerary

Day 1 :
Tour guide and driver will meet you at Beijing airport and pick up you to the Beijing hotel.

Day 2 :

Tour guide will meet you at your hotel and Visit the Beijing Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City.
And then to the Beijing Panda House, to see the Chinese local panda.

After lunch, to the Beijing Summer Palace for a visit.
Transfer back to your hotel.

Day 3 :
Tour guide with diver will drive 2 hours to the Beijing Great Wall for a visit, and then go for lunch.

After lunch we will go the Bird Nest – Beijing National Stadium – the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony Stadium for an outlook.

Then Pray at Beijing Niujie Mosque – The Beijing Ox Street Mosque is the oldest Mosque in Beijing. Beijing early Muslims come from the Middle East Persian

At last, we will go to the Beijing Golden Street – Beijing Wangfujing Street for a walk.

Day 4 :
Transfer to the Beijing airport。

Beijing Niujie Muslim Area

Beijing Niujie Muslim Quarter History

Beijing Niujie Muslim region has been 600 years of history. China Hongwu years ( 1381 ) with the Flemish Ministry of toast allegiance to the Ming Dynasty , the following year with the Flemish Ministry of Yunnan Province Li Buzheng Chief Secretary , Hongwu sixteen years under the aegis of the first month with the Flemish Ministry of Sichuan Province administrative commissioner . Yongzheng years ( 1727 ) with Li Yunnan Shigeo complex administrative commissioner . Qing Guangxu 30 years ( 1908 ) , from the beginning of the year was placed under Shigeo set Yiliang County so far. Ming and Qing Dynasties, due to even Qian Shu , ranking hub, deep in the mountains , dense forests, wide production bamboo shoots, bamboo shoots caused by mining people gathered Mainland Tibetan asylum seekers fleeing evil thought in the forest . Good and bad people in the territory , and mediate disputes hair, so the first post- military civilian rule set . MingZhengDe sixteen years ( 1521 ) in this bureaucratic Ping thick fruit set winnow pay long lawsuit ( military job ) . Yongzheng four years ( 1726 ) Let a thousand of the total military attache . Qianlong forty-eight ( 1783 ) provided seven days in early August Niujie prefectural governor ( civil ) . Guangxu 30 years began to Yiliang County Niujie sub-county . In 33 years ( 1944 ) 31 July withdrawal of sub-county jurisdiction Niujie home county town .

Beijing Niujie Muslim Area

Beijing Niujie Muslim Area  north from Beijing Guang An Men Nei Avenue , south Bai Guang Road Street . Niujie , Xuanwu District in Beijing , is a long history of national culture street , residents here are mainly Muslim , a total of more than 20 nationalities living here . After a large-scale renovation , renovation project , today’s Niujie Hull , and now she is already Guanganmennei Avenue north , south to Southern Cross Street , jujube Front Street , west of Bai Guang Road, east godson alley the ethnic characteristics of neighborhoods .

Beijing Halal Food

Muslim Food in Beijing

There are some halal food restaurant in Beijing such as : Donglaishun Muslim Restaurant,  Turpan halal restaurant near Beijing Niujie street corner, and exhibit space are Hongbin Lou old Beijing halal food restaurant, and of course there are many Muslim Beijing food Restaurant in south Beijing, such as Beijing Nanlaishun Muslim Restaurant.

Muslim Dishes in Beijing

There are many Muslim dishes in Beijing, Such as, lib, hemp tofu, lamb, grilled meat, Tasimi,  is old Beijing Halal Food, the street in Beijing Niujie mosque can find many Muslim restaurants.

Beijing Halal Food – Lib

Lib is Beijing Muslim snacks in cuisines, mostly Muslims Beijing business. Lib early years there are records in the Qing Dynasty. Past and present, whenever autumn to early winter, Beijing Halal restaurants and street vendors to operate lib. Beijing footbridges “lib stone”, alley door of “lib Young,” and “lib Feng”, “full belly burst” and the most famous.
Lib is the fresh tripe (refer tripe and belly collar) or fresh morel wash finishing, cut into strips massive, explosive cooked with boiling water, dipped in oil, sesame paste, vinegar, chili oil, fermented bean curd soup, chopped coriander , green onion, spices and other food mixing, texture, fresh, crispy taste

Beijing Halal Food – Lamb Hot Pot

In Beijing , mention the ” lamb hot pot ” , almost everyone knows . Because this road dishes eat simple, delicious, so welcome.

Lamb legend originated in the Yuan Dynasty . Kublai Khan then commander of the army southward expedition. Day , became exhausted hungry, he shoved remembered hometown dishes – fried mutton, he commanded his men to kill the sheep fires . While cooks sheep flesh , the cavalry galloping report revenue approaching enemy . Kublai unbearable hunger one waiting to eat mutton , he ordered the troops launching side side shouting: ” mutton ! Mutton ! ” Chef knows his irascible , so Jizhongshengzhi, knife and cut a dozen thin slices of meat, stir in boiling water several times, until flesh for a change, immediately fishing into the bowl , planted fine salt . Kublai ate bowls turning launched his troops against them , the results hit the ground running .

In organizing the celebration banquet , the Kublai particular point that road mutton . Cook chose the sheep meat tenderizer , thinly sliced ​​, adding a variety of condiments , generals were full of praise after eating . Chef Mangying approached , said: ” This dish is no name, handsome Lord Ciming .” Kublai Khan smiled and answered : “I think is called ‘ lamb ‘ it ! ” From the ” lamb ” became palace cuisine.

It is said that until the dynasty, Beijing ” Donglaishun Halal Food Restaurant ” Mutton old shopkeeper bribed eunuchs from the palace to steal out of the ” lamb ” sauce recipe , ” lamb ” was able to sell restaurant in the city name .

Beijing Halal Food – Tasimi

Tasimi is Chinese Cuisines Islamic Cai Cai lines one very unique dishes, like honey in it as the main material mutton, cooking with soft fried main flavors are hot and sour taste. Characterized by the shape of the new apricot, red juice, light, soft flesh, food fragrant sweet as honey, slightly sour aftertaste.